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Launch of iCHANGE Plastics campaign

iCHANGE Plastics was officially launched on international Earth Day. The campaign drew great attention from the public with activities including a short video clip of ‘Bobby the Whale’, iCHANGE’s mascot; Diem My 9X, one of iCHANGE’s ambassadors, spreading the message through PR articles and video clips; an activity booth at the Forbes Under 30 event and partnership with F&B stores to display and distribute iCHANGE kits (our eco-friendly cutlery sets) around Ho Chi Minh City.


Launch of iCHANGE PlasticsFacebook page

iCHANGE team officially launched a facebook community to coordinate, communicate and influence those interested in sustainable living. Cooperating with Ms. Diem My 9x and focusing on reducing plastic use, iCHANGE Community recruited more than 1,900 first members. Now, with approximately 2500 members, iCHANGE Community is a sharing hub that encourages each individual to take action and spread the message further.


Booth at "Living Green” Festival 2018

iCHANGE team attended and ran a booth at the Living Green Festival which was held in conjunction with World Environment Day and hosted by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Natural Resources and Environment. Guests had the opportunity to participate in a plastic pollution quiz and receive lucky gifts. There were 200 visitors to our booth and support the iCHANGE Plastics’ fund.


"iCHANGErs! Who are they?" workshop

To create a platform for the promotion of the iCHANGE Plastics project, a mid-year workshop,”iCHANGER! Who are they?”, was held at PJ’s Coffee in HCMC. The workshop attracted almost 60 participants who were introduced to the projects details, issues surrounding plastic pollution in Vietnam and a host of alternate solutions to help combat the problem.


3210 Challenge

The 3210 Challenge encouraged participants to take part, for 21 days, in a variety of less-plastic and green lifestyle challenges. Tasks ranged from going shopping without using single-use plastics to producing homemade shampoo after which participants were asked to document their actions. The challenges became more difficult as time went on and the winner was sponsored to implement his own environmental project.


Baseline Survey

A pre-campaign survey sample of 873 HCMC citizens was conducted to assess general use and attitudes to single-use plastic plastic products and the plastic pollution.The survey was conducted through a number of online and offline discussions and interviews. Three key demographics of HCMC residents were sampled – students, housewives and office workers.

Baseline Survey

“The Tasteless Spice” campaign

The final months of 2018 saw the release of “The Tasteless Spice”, a creative communications campaign aiming to raise public awareness of the appearance of microplastics in the food chain and inspire changes in plastic consumption. It had several activities such as displaying the Tasteless Spice jars, releasing two PSA videos, launching the campaign’s official website:

with “The Tasteless Spice Guardian” – an engaging online game. The campaign has spread widely and attracted the attention of the community, especially young people with more than 100,000 engagements and more than 6 million reaches.


Workshop “Plastics Escape”

In conjunction to the U.S. Consulate General – Ho Chi Minh city – led ‘YOUnified’ event, iCHANGE organized a workshop for the YSEALI alumni and the youth of HCMC to raise awareness of plastic pollution issues and inspire attendees to take actions to reduce their own impact. 

Attending the event was a special guest speaker, Ms. Nguyen Da Quyen, co-founder of Laiday Refill Station with a sharing of her journey to reduce plastics.


“Green Dream of the Oceans” event

“Green Dream of the Oceans” is a two-day event consisting of a workshop and an activity booth. The event specifically targeted children and their families to raise awareness among these people on plastic pollution to marine life. The event concluded by attracting about 50 young ones to the workshop and 300 attendants to participate in the activities at the booth.


“Papa’s and Nana’s Tet” workshop

With the purpose to recreate a vintage atmosphere of traditional Tet holiday with less plastic waste, at the same time encourage participants to have a less waste holiday, the workshop discussed about plastic pollution, especially about the amount of plastic products used in Tet holiday; provided useful solutions to reduce waste and instructed different ways to recycle old clothing. At the end of the day, the workshop attracted 50 participants and successfully created a traditional Tet atmosphere.


“Green Journey” camp

This camp was designed to empower 30 young participants to understand and practice how to travel more sustainably while also helped young people to fully understand the harmful effects of unsustainable tourism on the environment, especially plastic pollution at popular beaches. From there, they were inspired to take action and share the tips and solutions to travel without leaving waste behind.


Green Class

CHANGE organized an exciting “Green Class” for children aged 9-13 at Saigon International Star School (District 2, HCMC). The children learned about environmental issues, especially plastic pollution due to the over-use of single-use plastics. They were shown videos, pictures that illustrate the causes and consequences of this problem and got to “practice” the solutions through sorting waste and using alternative products. Especially, the children organized their own bakery to raise money and contribute to CHANGE’s fund.


Green Stop

As a part of the ‘Greenday Fair’, CHANGE had embarked on this new exciting month with ‘Green stop’ booth at Le Van Tam park. ‘Green stop’ booth attracted many young individuals that were passionate about environmental issues. Under the scorching sun of a hot Sunday morning, there was still a long line of excited participants waiting to take part in our games to win fun prizes. Moreover, we got to practice some cool recycling tricks to create new items from old bottles, clothes, and paper.


Street Art

After days of painting under the sun and the rain, the artists and volunteers of WildAid and CHANGE have “transformed” the walls on Phan Liem Street into beautiful artworks with many meaningful environmental messages. iCHANGE Plastics project with the message of reducing plastic waste for a clean and green environment, together with artist Henna Nguyen and enthusiastic support from volunteers, completed the painting through lively images of nature, ocean and sea animals.


"Come with me and feel at ease"workshop

Workshop “Come with me and feel at ease” held on 29th June let the participants immerse in a dreamy space, feel their hearts touched by a film “A Plastic Ocean” portraying the devastating effects of plastic waste to the oceans, and the silent suffering of marine creatures.

Moreover, participants had the chance to paint their own picture with meaningful environment messages.


“Plastics Karma” campaign

“Plastics Karma” is our second creative communications campaign that aims to emphasize the public’s overconsumption of single-use plastics and call for actions to change consuming behaviors, minimize and eliminate single-use plastic products. The campaign includes diverse activities: publishing videos and messages of the campaign, challenging the public to spread meaningful messages among friends and family members.


"No, Thanks!" campaign

“No, Thanks!” is a campaign that encouraged the community to reduce the use of single-use plastic products. Say “No, Thanks!” to single-use plastics is a habit that should be practiced by every individual as a modern and sustainable lifestyle. With the miraculously No, Thanks! jacket that can be turned into a bag and the No, Thanks! music video, CHANGE believes that saying “No, Thanks!” to single-use plastic will be spread widely to the public through an optimistic, approachable and joyful way.


"Homo Plastics" Campaign

CHANGE cooperated with the French Embassy to officially launch a new communications campaign titled “Homo Plastics,” with the overarching message: “Science gives warnings, action decides the world’s fate.”