Green Practice

How many plastic straws, plastic bottles or styrofoam boxes have you used today?

Let’s check your plastics footprint test!

Feet Feet Feet

Green Tips & Alternative Products

It is getting more and more polluted out there to truly appreciate a happy life surrounded by green forests, clear sky and blue oceans. Spare sometimes with us and check out some green tips of iCHANGE to raise you up and help make the world cleaner with less waste, less plastics.


Eating out
Going to work or school
Hit The Road


In the kitchen
In Bathroom


Lunar New Year
Valentine’s Day
Mid-autumn festival
Organize a party
Gift suggestions
For Girls - Women
For Boys - Men

Eco-friendly list

It’s no one but you who can make a difference towards a greener planet. Please come and look through some “green corners” of our city, sip a cup of Saigon coffee with condensed milk, take a cup of sweet milk tea or shop at the most eco stores in the city, etc. Here are some places that are willing to say no to single-use plastics and embrace a sustainable lifestyle. They are waiting for you to come and leave behind a little love, a little memory and your green footprints. Let’s come with us to discover the “green map” on the journey of experiencing a sustainable lifestyle.